My Happy Dessert is a blog about healthy and guilt-free desserts.

Hi and welcome to My Happy Dessert blog!

As the blog name implies, here you will find all kinds of guilt-free dessert recipes that have one thing in common – they all are healthier versions of your favorite desserts. My goal is to create desserts that are delicious, beautiful – and guilt-free!

Since I can remember I have always had a sweet tooth but at some point I realized that in order to stay healthy and slim, I had to reconsider my dessert intake. I tried so many times to cut off desserts completely, only to find myself being gloomy all the time and dreaming about a piece of chocolate cake. Or better two pieces. Oh, well… the whole cake!
Inevitably my attempts to completely get rid of my sweet cravings from my daily diet were ending up in consuming everything sweet I could find at home.

Finally I refused to give up desserts for the health’s sake. Instead of proclaiming desserts my enemy, we became allies☺
I started cooking desserts. Thus I could have more control over the ingredients and could use healthier substitutes– while still having yummy treats at the end.

The idea is simple. What is the base of virtually any dessert? It’s flour, sugar, butter, oil, and eggs. Replacing just one of them makes the dessert healthier, without sacrificing taste! This is how I approach baking – making one or two gradual changes at a time. I try it, taste it and if I like the outcome, I will post it on this blog. If not, I will revisit the recipe, tweak it and try again.

So now I have my desserts every day, anytime I want, and I’ve never been happier. Having said that, I would like you to be a part of My Happy Dessert community to enjoy delicious and healthy desserts together!

For those of you with special dietary needs, I provide nutrition details for each recipe. Also, in the sidebar menu you will find additional categories, such as:

  • low-calorie desserts (under 150 ccal)
  • sugarless desserts
  • raw desserts
  • vegan desserts
  • easy desserts (preparation time <5 min)
  • quick desserts (total time <15 min)
Because I absolutely love reading your comments and hearing about your baking stories, feel free to share them on my blog.

Happy baking!


Hi Lana! I’m really enjoying your blog! I love that you’re putting your own twist on dessert recipes and that you’re keeping them healthy! I just wanted to let you know you have a new follower! :-)