Homemade Healthier Nutella


For the breakfast, what can be more delicious than a thick layer of nutella, spread on a toast and consumed with a cup of your morning coffee? Hmm, sounds like a perfect start of the day!

As you already figured out, this post is dedicated to nutella lovers ☺. And also to all healthy lifestyle adherents since today we will be making a healthy version of nutella. I found the original recipe on this website and after a couple of modifications I got my homemade nutella tasting almost identical to a regular one. Only mine is so much better 😉


This time instead of providing a list of benefits I decided to post the nutrition values of a regular and my homemade nutellas, you can check them at the end of the post. You can do the math by yourself☺ Just compare the calories per serving: 200 calories vs. 94 calories – and feel the difference!


Hazelnuts, roasted, whole – 1 cup
Cocoa powder – 5 tbsp
Agave Nectar – 4 tbsp
Stevia – 4 packets
Milk, 1% – 2/3 cup*
Salt – a pinch

*You can use milk of your choice.


1. Soak ½ cup hazelnuts in cold water for a few hours (I left overnight). Skip this step if you want more crunchy nutella.
2. Mix all the ingredients in the food processor until very smooth. It took me about 3 minutes to get the desired result.

That’s it!
Store your homemade nutella in the fridge.

Basic information:
▪ Prep time: 3 min (+ several hours for soaking)
▪ Total time: 3 min
▪ Serves: ~13 (2 tbsp each)
▪ WW (Weight Watchers PointsPlus) = 3 (versus 5 in a regular nutella)

Homemade nutella:


Regular nutella:



Are you more a nutella or peanut butter lover?

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I have no idea where I can get stevia..cant find it…or the agave nectar at stores here..
please can you tell me of any substitutes for both

Can I use corn.syrup..



This is healthier than even the Nutella alternatives made by natural companies (which all still seems to use controversial palm fruit oil). I would love to share your recipe on my green living blog lusciousplanet.com


I made this and thought it was pretty good!! Doesn’t taste exactly like nutella, but it has distinct hazelnut taste and it’s definitely healthier! Thanks so much for the recipe:) I am glad I found your blog!

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