Low-Calorie Tiramisu (Made with Ricotta)


If someone asks me about my favorite dessert, I will reply without a second thought – it’s tiramisu! I am a huge fan and ready to enjoy this cake for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is one problem though – tiramisu is not a very healthy dessert. Well, besides having a divine taste, there is nothing good in tiramisu, alas! Out of curiosity, I googled the nutrition of the regular tiramisu cake, and the results showed me some scary facts – a single piece of this dessert can easily replace a full meal.


But don’t worry, fans of tiramisu! There is a solution – and its name is ricotta! In my light version of the dessert, ricotta perfectly replaces the egg yolks, mascarpone and cream all together. You can see the result on the photos: it’s a delicious dessert, tastes similar to a regular tiramisu – and at the same time my ricotta version is much healthier! Check out the nutrition values of a regular tiramisu and my light ricotta dessert at the end of the post and do the math :)

Ladyfingers, packaged – 12 cookies
Ricotta cheese, fat free – 1 cup
Black coffee, cooled – ¼ cup + 1 tsp (for ricotta mixture)
Cream cheese, fat free – 3 tbsp*
Truvia baking blend – 2 tbsp **
Cocoa powder (for dusting) – 1 tbsp

* I used fat-free cream cheese for more resemblance with the texture of a regular tiramisu. You can omit cream cheese completely or replace it with 3 tbsp of ricotta.
** Not a fan of stevia? Replace it with 4 tbsp of your favorite sugar.


1. Combine ricotta cheese, cream cheese, coffee (1 tsp) and truvia blend in a food processor until thoroughly combined and very smooth, about 2-3 minutes.
2. Pour remaining coffee in a small shallow dish. Dip each ladyfinger into coffee just for a few seconds (don’t soak them for too long otherwise your ladyfingers will fall apart). Lay the soaked ladyfingers tightly in a small baking pan (I used 6 x 4 inch pan. If you want to make a larger tiramisu dessert, just double all the ingredients and use a 9x 13 inch pan).
3. Spread evenly the half of the ricotta mixture over the layer of ladyfingers. Place the second layer of ladyfingers and the remaining ricotta mixture.
4. Cool in a fridge for a few hours (I do overnight). When serving, dust with the cocoa powder.

Bon appétit!


Basic information:
▪ Prep time: 5 min
▪ Total time: 5 min + >2 hours for chilling
▪ Serves: 6
▪ WW (Weight Watchers PointPlus) points = 3

Light Tiramisu dessert made with ricotta:


Regular Tiramisu dessert:



And what is your favorite dessert?

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I’m so glad there a people like you. Yesterday I had been craving Tiramisu but a low fat type. Was disappointed until I found yours today.
I made it today it was delicious!
I made a slight change to the recipe by adding orange rind into the ricotta mixture and Kahlua into the coffee liquid.
When I make it next time I will cover with cling wrap before adding the ladyfingers, this will make it easier to transfer later.

I have also checked out a few of your recipes on your website and am impressed, great work, please continue with your passion as it helps people like me that don’t know how to make something delicious and not feel guilty about it.

Filmi Buff

I tried this today and it came out great. It was so easy to make. The only change I made was that I added 1 tablespoon of Baileys irish cream just to get that liqueur taste. Delightful!!!!


Hi Filmi,

Great, I am glad you liked it! Baileys sounds like a nice way to enhance the flavor of the dessert:)

Happy baking!
– Lana


Tried this today and it was AMAZING!!
I love tiramisu, but I’ve always been looking for a low calorie version of it.
I dipped my sponge fingers in my coffee for a lot longer than a few seconds because I really wanted my sponge fingers to have that strong coffee-soaked taste (I let the coffee cool completely to room temp first) and I also sprinkled cocoa powder on each layer of the tiramisu.
Then I let it cool in the fridge for overnight and had it as dessert for dinner. It really tastes just like regular tiramisu :) Thank you for posting this recipe!

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